Many Possibilities. One Client-Centric Approach.

At St Thomas’ Wegener’s Trust, we offer a wide range of financial planning services – all grounded in one principle, which is to put your needs and goals at the front-and-centre of our business.

Our solutions include helping clients with their retirement plan, savings and investment plan, estate plan, tax plan, financial protection and corporate financial plan (for owners and directors).

Perhaps you come to us with a specific need, such as tracking down lost pensions. If so, we can assist. Yet we also offer holistic financial planning – pulling all areas of your wealth and finances under a cohesive, unified long-term plan.

Financial Planning

Perhaps you have a monthly budget, but do you have a comprehensive financial plan? Do you have a plan for your pension, taxes, estate and investments – as well as your ongoing spending?

At Advisers & Co, our role is to help you consider all aspects of your financial life and to build a plan for them. For instance, it is good to have a savings plan. Yet is your lack of tax planning holding it back? Perhaps both areas work together more effectively.

Our team can help you identify areas of opportunity and risk that you may have missed, recommending a plan of action to put you on a more positive course to achieve your goals.

Savings & investments

Investing is not just for the “super-rich”, but for everyone who wants to build wealth and achieve their long-term goals. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex world of investing and make sound financial decisions. We can help you identify your risk tolerance, survey different fund options and build a strategy which suits your unique needs.

Retirement Planning

Are your golden years getting the attention they deserve? Our team is committed to helping you achieve your retirement goals - making your later years as comfortable, secure and stress-free as possible. We can help you calculate your retirement needs, analyse your existing schemes and investments and provide ongoing support or maximum peace of mind.

Tax Planning

The UK’s tax planning landscape is ever-shifting and can be complex. Our financial advisers are here to help you make sense of it, taking informed steps to maximise your income and returns using tools like ISAs, tax-efficient investment schemes and pensions. We can analyse your financial situation to identify potential deductions, credits and relief to your benefit.

Estate Planning

How can you keep more wealth in the family when you die? Our estate planning service helps you preserve and distribute your assets according to your wishes, in the most tax-efficient manner. Our services include establishing trusts, minimising tax liabilities, helping with power of attorney, coordinating beneficiary designations and more.

Wealth Management

Building, growing and protecting wealth is possible for everyone with strong financial goals, an effective plan and good discipline. From investment management and portfolio diversification to tax optimisation and retirement planning, we provide a holistic solution to grow your wealth. We also offer ongoing monitoring and adjustment to keep your plan on track.

Protection & Insurance

Is your financial position secure if things go wrong? Early death, sickness and redundancy are just some of the tragedies that can befall us unexpectedly. Fortunately, a strong financial protection plan can help you weather life’s storms with more resilience. We can help you survey the range of suitable options such as life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.


Getting onto the housing ladder – and being a homeowner – brings many big financial questions and commitments. Our team is here to help you navigate them more confidently and wisely.

How big should your first mortgage deposit be? Should you stay on your bank’s variable rate or “lock in” with a fixed-rate deal to protect against future interest rate increases? Is now a good time to remortgage?

These are just some of the questions that many people face when approaching mortgages. Working with an experienced team of financial planners can help you answer them with the best information, giving you clarity and peace of mind.